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Google Chromcast

Published on August 2, 2013 by in Computer, Internet, Mobile

If you follow the tech news, by now you have heard about Google Chromecast Google Chromcast. Last week Google announced a very interesting device that has the potential to disrupt the way we use Internet to watch TV. Google Chromcast is a small HDMI dongle that is attached to an HDMI connector on your TV and is used to stream video from the Internet to your TV.

Although there are many devices and boxes that can do some of the things Google Chromcast can do, but this little dongle has some serious advantages. Most of you are familiar with Apple TV, Google TV, Roku Box, and many others. All of these devices are basically electronic boxes that are connected to a TV using either an HDMI cable or an AVI cable. They are also connected to the Internet either wirelessly or by for example Ethernet cable. What these boxes do? Well there are software programs on these boxes that can get the content from popular online content providers like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, PBS etc. and show it on your TV. However there is a main drawback on all of these boxes, except Google Chromcast: none of these can stream every available video on the Internet. For example if you find an interesting video on a website that is not available on YouTube, none of these boxes can stream that video onto your TV. BUT Google Chromecast can do exactly that!

 Google Chromcast

Google Chromcast: a small dongle that does big things!

 Google Chromcast

In our opinion here are some of the main advantages of Google Chromcast:

  • Easy to setup, plug and play
  • No need to use extra HDMI or AVI cable to connect the box to the TV
  • Very small size make it almost invisible
  • No need for extra power source (on the newer HDMI connectors the dongle gets its power from that port).
  • Ability to stream anything you can see on a Chrome web browser to your TV
  • You can use your Android phone or iPhone to go to for example Netflix site and start watching a movie there and then stream it right from your phone to the TV.
  • Very inexpensive at $35

Please note that although Google Chrome cast sounds very promising and has a lot of advantages, but there has been some concerns such as:

  • Incompatibility of the WiFi on the dongle with some routers (check it up before you buy)
  • If the WiFi connection in your home is weak, there is a chance that streaming from Chrome web browser to be shaky
  • If your TV has an older HDMI port there is a chance you need to connect the dongle to a USB port for power

Overall we think this is a great streaming tool at a very reasonable price and hopefully Google can resolve the issues mentioned above, which in that case it will be a near perfect dongle.

If you have the dongle please let us and other readers know about your experience.

 Google Chromcast
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2 Responses

  1. Calvin Patrick

    Have been trying to setup chromecast for two weeks havent gotten it to work yet except on you tube and am having problems getting the programs I want to run. I need help.

  2. Don

    I started installing the Chromcast device about an hour ago and have it working on my Ipad, Samsung S3, Ipad, Itouch, HP Laptop and my wife’s Kindle Fire HD. Picture and sound both are great on the tv we use. For $35.00, this is awesome