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How to make a free personal website

Published on July 17, 2013 by in Computer, Internet, Mobile

What?!! A free personal website?

There are millions of websites on the Internet, and so many people have their own personal websites. Have you ever wanted to make a free personal website?  Is it even possible to get it for free? With the advances in the cloud technology, significant cost reduction in storage spaces and web hosting, there are now easy ways to create a personal website for free. In this post we suggest some very simple way to get you started.

Difference between free and paid?

Although free websites are great places to start experimenting on building a personal website but they come with some limitations. These limitations could be important to some, and are not important to others. Some of the main limitations on the free websites are:

  • Your website address contains the name of the company that provides the free service. For example strikingly is one of the places that you can easily create a free website. Lets say you have chosen your website name to be “mywebsitename”. Then the URL address of your website will be: www.strikingly.com/mywebsitename
  • Sometime there will be ads on your website if you use the free plan of the service provider.
  • Almost in all of the services you cannot put your own advertising and make money by that. There are some exceptions, for example you can create a free blog on Google blogger and then use Google Adsense to add some advertising to your blog for free.
  • Usually there is a limit on the number of pages on your website and on the size of the files or total size of your website.

On the other hand to get a paid website you usually need at least pay for:

  • A domain name: you need to find a name for your website and register that name. This is not expensive and with around $10 per year you can register a domain name.
  • Web hosting: which is a place on some computer servers that will keep your website files. This is more expensive and depending on the size of your website and how fast you want your website to be can cost from around $10 per month and up (sometimes significantly higher for more professional websites).

So if you go to a paid version root you need to pay at least around $100 for the first year. As such we suggest just to try some of the free services to see how you can build a personal website. After that if you think you need more freedom and more resources then switch to a paid version.

How to get started?

Nowadays there are a lot of places that you can go and start a free personal website or blog. Here we suggest just a few that are more popular and we have tested. Pick one and start experimenting; as you build your website you learn a lot and since it is free, it is a great tool for beginners. After you learn a little bit more, you can always switch to other platforms, or move to a paid website that provides much more freedom. In the following we suggest two platforms to create free personal websites, and two platforms to create free personal blogs.

Free personal website

Weebly How to make a free personal websiteWeebly provides a surprisingly easy to create a site. There are free and paid plans and currently there are over 15 million sites on Weebly. Building website is very easy here, just create an account and choose a free plan. Then on the website builder you can drag and drop whatever you like to have on your website, for example a title, an image or a map.

Strikingly How to make a free personal websiteStrikingly is another nice service to create a free personal website.  To start there is no need to know coding or have design experience. User can click anything to edit, and publish instantly. Strikingly is search engine optimized, so your audience can find you easily. It also easily integrates with social media.

Free personal blog

Wordpress How to make a free personal websiteWordPress.com is one of the best know blogging platforms. WordPress has a free version on WordPress.com and a paid version on WordPress.org. There are more than 68 million WordPress sites in the world and there are more than 380 million monthly visitors on those sites. Setting up a blog on WordPress is quick and very easy.

blogger How to make a free personal websiteblogger is Google’s blogging platform. As we mentioned earlier one advantage that it has over other free platforms is that user can earn some cash by advertising using Google Adsense. Setting up a blog on blogger is also very easy.


There are many other platforms to easily create websites or blogs, one of the other best known blogging sites is Tumblr which was recently acquired by Yahoo for more than 1 Billion dollars!  Creating a personal website or blog is easy, and exciting. Just use one of the mentioned services, use your imagination and create a foot print on the Internet, enjoy.






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