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Home Computer Use your smartphone as a wireless headphone

Use your smartphone as a wireless headphone

Published on April 23, 2013 by in Computer

Have you ever tried to watch TV late in night, when everyone else in your home is sleeping? Didn’t with you had a Wireless Headphone handy? Well, there is a new Android app in the Google play store that resolves this issue. This app converts your Android smartphone to a Wireless Headphone. Here is how it works:
Each wireless headphone has two parts, a transmitted and a receiver. The transmitter is a hardware that is placed close to the TV, or any other audio device and is connected to the TV or an audio device by a short cable. The receiver is placed inside a headphone and that’s why the wireless headphones are usually bulky.
The new android app in the Google Play Store is called “Wireless Headphone“. You need to install the app on your phone. This will make the phone a wireless receiver. You also need to download and install a program that runs on your Windows PC or laptop and makes it a wireless transmitter. Please note that your laptop or PC should have WiFi capability and WiFi on both smartphone and PC/laptop should be on. To download the Windows side software go to ATEC Labs website (www.ateclabs.com) and click on products.
Then you need to connect the TV’s headphone jack to your PC’s/laptop’s microphone input jack using a 3.5mm male-to-male audio connector. Then connect any type of headphone to your smartphone so you can watch the TV and listen to its audio on your smartphone. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a wireless headphone just spend $2 and get a smart wireless headphone. The following drawing shows how to connect the TV to a laptop.

WirelessHeadphone 300x199 Use your smartphone as a wireless headphone

The following figure shows a screenshot of the Wireless Headphone Android app:

2013 04 20 22 17 28 180x300 Use your smartphone as a wireless headphone

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  1. Anirban Choudhury

    horrible idea. :P.
    My TV and PC connected through LAN. and smart phone over wifi. Now is it possible to transmit TV sound on My samsung TAB. (PC and TV are in different room so connecting through audio Jack is not possible)